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  • Kerry Powell

LED Lamps - Pros & Cons

Updated: May 20, 2020

I am often asked to price up LED landing lights but more often than not, it doesn't result in a customer making the switch. This is normally down to the simple fact that they're expensive...but are they?

A typical 14v landing light may cost around £20 (plus vat) whereas it's 14v super LED counterpart may cost £250 (plus vat). That's quite a jump, however, ask any flying school how often they are replacing landing lights, factor in the minimum hourly labour rate charged to fit the bulb each time and it soon adds up. In fact I would estimate approximately 5 bulbs & labour = 1 LED & labour.

Pros: LEDs last longer, are brighter, lower power consumption.

Cons: Initial layout feels expensive but you'll save in the long run!

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